Health news - Fake vs real

Don’t you wish you could easily sort through all the click-bait headlines, pseudoscience, and conspiracy theories to get real, credible health information that ACTUALLY helps people? This course shows you how to recognize and find credible health information so you can be confident it’s accurate and trustworthy. Because sharing credible sources for your wellness content is SO important for your reputation, and to build trust with your audience. In this masterclass, I go over how to spot fake health news with my 5-step approach. I've also included a list of where to find credible sources to reference for your content. Having references, and who they are, directly reflect on how your audience perceives you. Knowing where to go to find credible health information can help you help your clients reach their health goals. This masterclass will help you confidently respond to questions, keep your knowledge up-to-date, and create content that can address some of the media hype and rumours that your clients ask you about.


Conclusion and summary



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